ALL revenue from this website, the fundraisers, donations, and admission go directly to the Divers Recall and funds the reunion.
This is a list of the things the Divers Recall has to pay for every year:
  • The venue
  • Catering
  • Cases of water
  • Ice
  • Raffle prizes
  • Beer truck
  • Liquor license
  • Band
  • Stage for the band
  • Wrist bands (these are not cheap, believe it or not)
  • Printing
  • Online tools (website, domain name, email)
  • Banner replacement and/or updates
  • T-Shirts
  • Table rentals
  • Cotton candy, shaved ice, and popcorn
  • Lots of miscellaneous stuff
    • price stickers
    • raffle boxes
    • zip ties
    • buckets
    • pens
    • office supplies
    • stamps
    • etc
Who we are and what we do is best explained by our mission statement:
"To provide a friendly annual gathering of Deep Sea Divers, commercial and military, retired and active to foster and maintain the camaraderie that we all uniquely share that is inherent to the occupation to which we are proud."
We hold an annual reunion that continues to grow each year. Since 1993, our Reunion has increased from approximately 100 to over 500 attendees. The reunion is held at the Holiday Trav-L-Park in Virginia Beach, VA. There is plenty of campsites for tents, campers, and RV’s. The gates open at noon for food, beverage, games, and entertainment. We sell Divers Recall merchandise and other cool diver swag. During the day we may have a DJ and tournaments such as horseshoes, volleyball, and cornhole. During the evening we have a live band with a dancing area and and is generally considered adult time.
We have drawings for various door prizes, most of which are donated by our generous sponsors.
We have attendees from all over the U.S. and other parts of the world. The reunion is open to ALL divers, not just military and commercial.
Admission at the gate is as follows:
  • $20 per person over 21
  • $15 per person 15 to 21
  • FREE under 15
To raise funds for our annual event, we hold a fundraiser the last Friday of each month. Additionally, we request sponsorship from various diving companies, dive lockers, and business. Sponsors of $500.00 or more receives advertisement in the form of a “hot-link” from our website to theirs. We also display banners they wish to provide at the reunion.